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If you want to know more about the traditions and the culture of the country that you are visiting you will certainly need to try some of its typical activities. There are plenty of activities to enjoy for each season of the year in Russia! Here you will find the information on some of the most popular master classes and activities that will perfectly complement your trip to our country.

Ceramics Workshops in St. Petersburg
When you are in St. Petersburg where everything is filled with the arts you might want to try making something artistic yourself. If this is the case or you simply wish to get a little bit distracted from the intensive sightseeing routine we invite you for a short ceramics workshop and tea talk in one of the studios in picturesque neighbourhoods of the city!

Option 1.
Biskuit Ceramics Studio
Location – Petrogradskaya Side, City Centre
Duration 2 hours
Suitable for children and beginners

Rates from
9000 RUB for 2 persons
12000 RUB for 5 persons
18000 RUB for 10 persons

Option 2.
Pottery Workshop in the Artists' Residence as part of the Flea Market Tour
Location – Udelnaya Neighbourhood, North

20000 RUB for 2 persons
25000 RUB for 5 persons
35000 RUB for 10 persons

Russian Cuisine Master Classes
We will be preparing some traditional dishes that are cooked by many ethnicities living in Russia, such as pelmeni, vareniki o blini and discover the history behind them. This master class is a lot of fun and it can be organised for your family, a group of friends or colleagues travelling with you in traditional settings in Veliky Novgorod or modern cooking studios of St. Petersburg and Moscow. At the end of the cooking class we will try our dishes and you will certainly know how to prepare them once you are back home!
Traditional Tea Ceremony with Samovar and Russian Appetizers (pirogkis, blinis, pryaniks)
The samovar was an indispensable item in every household of the country, from humble families to the upper-class, before the revolution. Tea ceremonies with a samovar where water was brewed with the help of heated charcoal were accompanied by small plates with traditional Russian snacks and sweets that all guests could try while enjoying talking with their hosts. A variety of teas are used for these ceremonies, including some local herbs, such as ivan chai, that was even exported to the British Empire and other European countries in the past. Tea ceremonies were usually held in backyard gardens of summer houses in the warm season and for colder months samovars with water were first heated outside and then taken inside the house. Samovars themselves were state of the art pieces and one look at them was enough to judge on a social position and income of their owner. We invite you to enjoy the traditional tea ceremony with delicious snacks and get to know more about incredible samovars with us!
Husky Sleigh Ride in Winter
Various husky breeds have been transporting people and goods in the far north of Russia and America from time immemorial and they were indispensable in the households of local indigenous tribes who lived hand in hand with them and trained them to perform various tasks. Husky dogs are known for their friendly and tender temperament and they are perfect company for a snow ride in the winter forest! Depending on the snow conditions the sled ride can be taken either in the vicinity of St. Petersburg or in Karelia, a beautiful land of rocks and lakes to the north of St. Petersburg.
Matryoshka Decorating
Matryoshkas, the wooden dolls that were initially created as toys for children, are some of the most popular souvenirs for Russia's visitors. We invite you to have fun decorating matryoshkas in the company of your friends and family while enjoying tea with traditional Russian appetizers! You will be able to make a perfect souvenir from your trip with the help of an experienced artist and your own imagination.
Russian Banya
You can't say that you know this country well if you have never tried the Russian banya, an important part of our lives and an excellent way to "clean your body and soul". There are a great variety of bathhouses in Russia – from public banyas, some of which are more reminiscent of palaces, to private wooden bathhouses in the countryside. It is up to you to choose whether you will try the city banya, such as the Sanduny Public Bath in Moscow while marveling at its enormous interiors or if you would prefer to spend a day in the countryside away from the city buzz enjoying the banya and other interesting Russian activities.
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