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Easter in Russia
10 April 2020
Easter in Russia. Easter Dessert Recipes
Find out how Easter is celebrated in Russia and cook typical Russian Easter desserts with our recipes!
Panoramic View of Suzdal
5 April 2020
The Golden Ring of Russia
Read about mesmerizing ancient Russian towns to the north of Moscow and learn where the Russian culture has been truly preserved. Travel in time with us through UNESCO heritage sites with the churches and monasteries of 11th-17th centuries.
Approaching Kronstadt from the sea
1 April 2020
Sailing in St. Petersburg. Can you get there by boat?
Find out the latest information about sailing in St. Petersburg, see the charts with the recommended routes from Finland and Estonia, read about customs clearance rules and have a look at some beautiful photos of Kronstadt from the sea!
Lilac Bush by Vincent Van Gogh
25 March 2020
Best Art Therapy. Hermitage and Other Russian Museums Online.

Read about the history behind the unique 5-Hour Hermitage Video Tour shot on iPhone 11 and watch it. Find the information about the online collections and virtual visits of the leading art museums in Russia.
Bolshoi Theatre
19 March 2020
Online Streaming and Live Relay of Russian Ballet, Opera and Classical Music
Find the links to free live relays and archived webcasts of Bolshoi, Mariinsky, St. Petersburg Academic Philharmonia and Moscow Philharmonic in this post.
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Maslenitsa in St. Petersburg New Holland Island
23 February 2020
Maslenitsa - Russian Pancake Week and Grandma's Secret Blini Recipe
Read about the oldest and most delicious holiday in Russia and see our special blini recipe tested by many generations. Learn where to eat blini while in Russia!
Tolstoy Apartment House on Rubinstein Street
15 February 2020
Northern Romantic Style in St. Petersburg
What is the most mesmerising architecture style of St. Petersburg? Read about the Northern Romantic Style, the regional variation of Art Nouveau and learn where to find it in the city.
Red Bridge Department Store Au Ponte Rouge St. Petersburg Russia Art Nouveau Photo by Galakhov Anton
13 February 2020
Traditional Art Nouveau in St. Petersburg
Where to see the most iconic Art Nouveau buildings of St. Petersburg? Good news - they are conveniently located just a stone's throw away from each other and you can visit them all for free as they have historical shopping centres and cafes inside!
Platform at Vitebsky Station, Art Nouveau in St. Petersburg
28 January 2020
The Most Romantic Railway Station in Russia
It seems that train stations are the most romantic places on our planet. They are the starting points for our journeys, sites for farewells and love dates.
The most beautiful train station in Russia is the Vitebsky Station in St. Petersburg.
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Toreza Avenue 112.1, St. Petersburg, Russia
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