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2 June 2020

Plan B.
Documentary with Teodor Currentzis and musicAeterna

Moika River in St. Petersburg
Moika River Embakment in May
Music is our life and salvation. This is what we thought after watching Plan B, a documentary about the new reality with Teodor Currentzis, one of the most admired music directors of our times, his musicAeterna musicians and their friends from all over the world. And what thoughts will occur to you after watching it?

The film is directed by Sergey Nurmamed, who is the author of many brilliant documentaries, among them is the Colour of the Nation by Prokudin-Gorsky. We wrote about Prokudin-Gorsky in our previous post.

Plan B is a slow and beautiful pondering about the challenges that we are facing and the very atmosphere of St. Petersburg in March, romantic, grey and just waking up from the sleep in the new reality, mesmerizes.

In the film, St. Petersburg-based musicians are joined by their international colleagues who had to return to their homes at the outbreak of the pandemic. They all are pondering about why this happened and what conclusions we shall made out of it, and it is interesting to listen to them in this meditative reality created in the documentary.
Some parts of the video were shot at the final rehearsal of musicAeterna before the lockdown in the House of Radio – a legendary place, that kept Leningrad connected to the rest of the world during the Siege in the World War Two. From here Dmitri Shostakovich's Symphony No. 7 was broadcasted to the rest of the world in 1942, when the fate of the city was hanging by a thread. And the music was still sounding in the besieged and isolated city. Can our current situation be compared to those dreadful times that our grandparents lived through? Hardly! However, we should definitely change something in our behavior and the attitude towards nature. Will we be able to do it? The time will show.

Text by Alexandra Lyukina
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