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We are friends and companions with extensive experience in organising all sorts of travel itineraries, cultural events, festivals, conferences and master classes. We combine our expertise in the art events industry and interests to offer you original programmes that are tailored to your likings and preferences. As we are very passionate about arts, literature, history and the modern life of our country it will be a pleasure for us to offer you something special and different from standard travel tours. We invite you to discover Russia with us!
  • Alexandra
    I was born in Leningrad, now St. Petersburg, and when I was in the final years of my studies at the university I started working as a tour guide. After that followed studies in the UK, work as an organiser of tourist events in St. Petersburg and Moscow and years of production of art and theatre events in Russia, Latin America and Southern Europe.

    We have started Carusel.Tours because we want you to get acquainted with what we, as the locals, are enjoying the most, that is discovering the impressive heritage of our country step-by-step, in an informal way and soaking modern cultural life of our main cities with all the variety of arts, theatre, music events, and culinary pleasures that they could offer.
  • Karina
    Like all of my family, I was born in St. Petersburg. I enjoy travelling, but I always return to my native city. Although I often complain about its harsh climate and lack of sun, I know that this city has been an integral part of my life and my personality.

    I have a degree in the History of Arts from the Academy of Arts of St. Petersburg. When doing my degree I worked as a guide and after that I have been organising cultural and business events, not only in Russia, but all across the world for many years.

    I am eager to share my interests, experience and my knowledge with those of you who are visiting our country and I hope that we will become great friends. We will show you just how beautiful and interesting our country is and why we love it so much!

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