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All you need to know about the best time to visit Russia

Please do not think that the average temperature in St. Petersburg and Moscow is minus 30 degrees Celsius for 9 months in a row! In fact it never gets that cold and you can enjoy fun snow activities in winter time or admire imperial parks in their full glory in "the golden autumn". With us you will get the most from each season!

December to March

Moderate prices, attractive accommodation offers

This is the ideal season for art and theatre lovers – museums are very accessible without crowds of visitors inside and theatre season is at its peak with many options for you to choose from. It is unpredictable when the snow cover will establish exactly, bus most Christmas and New Year Eves it is already present. Who says that we don't have carnivals in Russia? We say farewell to winter and prepare for the Great Lent with colourful Maslenitsa celebrations (also known as Butter Week or Pancake Week) at the end of February and the beginning of March. We cook and eat a lot of delicious pancakes, dance and at the end we set the Lady Maslentisa, made of straw, on fire. Come and participate in the celebrations with us!

April to May
Prices moderate to high

In Central and North-Western Russia spring is the least expressed of all seasons. Sometimes it seems that we walk straight into the summer with hot days suddenly replacing the chilly weather. Some years it happens at the end of April, and others – in May. Therefore, we say that spring is totally unpredictable, just like women are and that is what surprises and excites many of our visitors who could experience any type of weather from snow to scorching heat in a matter of days. Prices for the accommodation in St. Petersburg stay moderate until mid-May and museums and palaces are not so packed with people as in the high summer season.

High prices in St. Petersburg and moderate in Moscow

In St. Petersburg in summer season the first thing to see are the fountains of Peterhof and raised bridges (although we keep raising them from April to November or December depending on weather). It is not getting completely dark during the season of White Nights from the end of May until the beginning of July, in the second part of the summer the sun continues to go down very late, but the nights grow darker. In Moscow and old towns of Central Russia the summers are normally warm and always charming: everything is in bloom so you can feel the magic of the season so much celebrated by our famous writers and composers. Moscow is a very green city and you will be pleased to explore its old streets covered by trees, walk through the boulevard ring smelling the aroma of linden trees, hide from the heat in the Gorky Park or cycle through a huge park area by the banks of the Moskva River.
September to November
Prices moderate in September to low in November

Striking beauty of imperial residences in the vicinity of St. Petersburg, parks in Moscow or ancient Russian towns coloured in various shades of red and yellow during the so-called golden autumn season will not leave you indifferent. Theatre lovers could enjoy the opening of the new season at theatres and museum goers will appreciate exploring art collections with less visitors and yes, the navigation in sightseeing boats usually lasts for the entire autumn.

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