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Danae Rembrandt Hermitage
25 July 2020
Hermitage Highlights. Danae by Titian and Rembrandt - The Same Subject and Two Different Fates
Discover the fascinating and even shocking stories behind the paintings of Danae by Titian and Rembrandt from the Hermitage Museum's collection. Read about various Titian's versions of Danae that are now scattered across the world and learn about the difficult fate of Rembrandt's Danae.
Russian Rye Bread
14 July 2020
Authentic Northern Rye Bread Recipe with Rye Flour, Salt and Water only
Learn how to cook authentic rye bread with only three ingredients – rye flour, salt and water! This rye bread has been cooked for generations in the households of Finland, Estonia and the Northern Regions of Russia, where the wheat does not ripen well and other types of bread were not available. Nothing can beat this rye bread in taste and flavour.
Cottage Alexandria Peterhof
9 July 2020
Alexandria Park. Must-see on a Day Trip to Peterhof
Take a virtual tour to one of the most romantic parks of Peterhof and see where the Russian emperors from Nicholas I to Nicholas II used to live. Prepare for your visit of this beautiful seaside park!
Russian cold soups
17 June 2020
What Soups Cook in Russia on Hot Summer Days? Russian Alternatives to Gazpacho
Enrich your summer menu with Russian cold soups, okroshka and cold borscht. These recipes are also suitable for vegetarians.

Photo Natalia Kazantseva
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