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Coronation Egg
12 April 2021
Story of Carl Fabergé, the King of Jewellers and the Jeweller of Kings
In this post, we will tell you about the famous jeweller, who turned his craft into superior art. Among loyal customers of the House of Fabergé were both royal families and middle-class families all over the world. Read about this genius with impeccable taste and discover his wonderful heritage and the dramatic story of his business.
Russian cranberry pies recipe
9 March 2021
Fried Pirozhki or Piroshki Family Recipe. Russian Hand Pies with Cranberry Filling
Try our family recipe of famous Russian pirozhki for Maslenitsa, the Butter Week Celebrations! Our version is a dessert – super delicious fried hand pies with sour and sweet filling!
Sunset on a yacht in St. Petersburg
18 February 2021
Catholic, Lutheran and Armenian Churches on Nevsky Prospect. A Walk Through Epochs
When you stroll around the main avenue of St. Petersburg, do you realise that most churches that you see there are actually not Russian Orthodox? Take a virtual walk around Nevsky with us and find out about the history of churches on the way. These quiet oases in the midst of noisy Nevsky are open to everyone, so do not miss them out during your trip to St. Petersburg!
Sunset on a yacht in St. Petersburg
28 January 2021
Updated Post about Sailing to St. Petersburg
Although now it is clear that everything is still unclear in the sailing life of St. Petersburg, we added some information about functioning, non-functioning and would-be-functioning marinas of the city
Homemade Russian pelmeni recipe
25 January 2021
Traditional Meat and Fish Pelmeni Recipe. History of Pelmeni in Russia
Try our family recipe of Russian dumplings, pelmeni, that we cook with fish or meat. Pelmeni is one of the most popular dishes in Russia and a lot of fun to make together with your family, couple or friends.
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