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Working with Carusel

Thank you for your interest in our young and ambitious cultural project about the biggest and the most versatile country on our planet!

Here you can find out more about us and our tours

We are very passionate about art, history, cuisine, architecture, photography, literature, theatre, cinema and even sailing, and we are sharing these passions with you through our blog.

There are many ways in which we can collaborate with you and we will be happy to do our best, in case our interests coincide!

Writing for you. We can create content about Russia for your media. As we are based in St. Petersburg, articles, guides, tips and posts about our city and its region would be a priority. We are also making photos for our content.

Special tours. Anything from walking quiz about St. Petersburg to tours, focused on architecture, museum collections, literature, royal residences and parks, heritage of Old Russia.

Preparing your event. We have many years of experience in organising cultural events, festivals and conferences; and also, good relations with hotels, venues and museums. We will be happy to do the preliminary research for your event, and make it happen!

Working on art projects. We can help you carry out your art project in Russia. We have been working on cross-cultural projects with various European countries, Middle East and Latin America.

Even if your particular case is not yet mentioned here, please get in touch with us by email or through contact form, we cannot wait to get to know you better!