Peterhof Parks and other gorgeous royal residences, Kronstadt Fortress and Veliky Novgorod, the cradle of ancient Russian culture

St. Petersburg is surrounded by beautiful royal residences with impressive parks and palaces. From the seaside it was defended by the most protected fortress of all times, Kronstadt, situated on an island and surrounded by artificial forts. To the west of St. Petersburg lie two important ancient Russian cities, cradles of culture and democracy from the medieval times. Why are we putting all them together here? Each of them is the perfect option for a day trip from St. Petersburg and it is up to you to decide, whether you would like to spend a day strolling around the imperial parks and residences, learning about ancient Russian civilisation and admiring ascetic medieval churches or studying the history of the Russian navy. There are plenties of options to choose and we are constantly adding new tours to this list!

Parks of Peterhof
We will arrive to Peterhof, one of the main royal residences, by sea and examine its complicated fountain system, the miracle of 18thcentury engineering capabilities that continues to work without pumps or electricity. We shall venture on a tourist train to visit another park by the sea, Alexandria, the favourite residence of emperor Nicholas I. In addition to that, we will visit one of the few royal residences to have survived World War II - the Monplaisir, the only summer palace of Peter I that exists in Russia today, or the Cottage, the place where the family of Nicolas I lived. After the tour we will enjoy lunch in Peterhof before we head back to St. Petersburg.

Rates (end of April to mid. October):
15000 RUB p/p for a private tour for 2 persons
9000 RUB p/p for a small group of 5 persons

If you wish to modify this tour and visit the Grand Palace, ask us for a quote in the booking form
Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Gatchina, Oranienbaum
Each emperor, empress or heir to the throne in Russia had their proper palace or summer residence built in the vicinity of St. Petersburg. This is exactly why we have such an enormous number of imperial residences and parks to the south of the city today. We invite you to enjoy a day in the countryside strolling around charming park paths and exploring palaces and pavilions in one of these residences.

Rates upon request
Kronstadt. The Most Protected Fortress Of All Times
This island surrounded by artificial forts was once an inaccessible stronghold that guarded the entrance to St. Petersburg from the sea. Kronstadt is one of the symbols of the military feat and unshakeable spirit of the Russian fleet. Now it is accessible via highway with breathtaking views of the sea and nearby forts. Today, Kronstadt is a town that fascinates visitors with its old docks and warehouses, but above all, with the magnificent Naval Cathedral, recently renovated and absolutely astonishing inside and outside. The Cathedral contains the history of the Russian fleet from the day of its foundation up until 1917, its interior details, cupolas and doors are decorated with sea anchors and naval ornaments that are strikingly reminiscent of the uniform of the imperial fleet before the revolution. We will walk around the streets of Kronstadt, visit the cathedral and later take a small trip by boat to see the island and its forts, including the Fort Alexander I (or Plague Fort) from the sea (weather and season permitting). Lunch in Kronstadt is included to the tour.

Duration 5-6 hours
Rates from

13000 RUB for a private tour for 2 persons
6000 RUB for a small group of 5 persons

Veliky Novgorod - The Oldest City Of The Country
This is the cradle of the country's history with churches and the cathedral dating back to X-XI centuries after having miraculously survived through many wars and disturbances. Fortunately, today we can still marvel at the ancient frescos painted by past geniuses inside the churches which were created in the ascetic northern Russian architectural style. Moreover, the city now houses the collection of ancient Russian houses and churches of that region in the Vitoslavlitsy Open Air Museum where we can find out how the locals of the city lived many centuries ago and participate in the celebrations and degustation of typical Russian snacks and drinks. Highly recommended visit when enroute from St. Petersburg to Moscow.

Read our blog post about Veliky Novgorod or Novgorod the Great to discover the turbulent history and immense cultural heritage of this beautiful and serene city.

Rates upon request
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