Pushkin or Tsarskoe Selo Tour

Alexandrovsky and Ekaterininsky Parks, Catherine Palace with Amber Room, Alexander Palace
Baroque Catherine Palace with recreated Amber Room is probably the most famous attraction of Tsarskoe Selo or Pushkin, as the town currently has two names, but there is much more to see in this lavish former residence of Russian emperors!

Embark on an exciting journey to one of the most charming residential towns near St. Petersburg and discover its immense heritage with us - huge Alexandrovsky and Ekaterininsky Parks with state of art pavilions and recently renovated Alexander Palace, the favourite place to be of the family of the last Russian emperor Nicholas II. Breath the fresh air of the town and see the wooden Kitaeva Dacha, where Alexander Pushkin used to dwell for some time, as well as his alma mater, the Tsar Village Lyceum, and a lot of other interesting buildings and churches from the past epochs!

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