Pavlovsk Tour

Beautiful landscape park of Pavlovsk and classical palace of emperor Paul
Visit elegant palace of Paul I and his spouse Maria Fyodorovna in the classical style that contrasts strikingly with the opulent baroque of Catherine Palace in Tsar Village.

Breath rich fresh air in seemingly endless and absolutely charming Pavlovsk park, that used to be the hunting ground in the past. Board a horse carriage for a brief journey in the park, as it is the best place for horse trips near St. Petersburg (avoid horse carriages in central St. Petersburg).

Pavlovsk Park is the favourite destination for weekend getaways for many St. Petersburgers, especially during golden autumn or in winter time. If you come there, you will understand why!

Pavlovsk is situated very close to Pushkin (Tsar Village) and, if you wish, you can visit both residences within one day.

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