Oranienbaum Tour

Oldest residence of St. Petersburg on shore of the Baltic Sea. Menshikov Palace, Chinese Palace, Palace of Peter III, Sliding Hill Pavilion and amazing park
The only royal residence that survived World War II in full, it has striking examples of early baroque of Peter the Great's epoch and two rococo pavilions of mid. 18th century that have no analogues in Russia. Oranienbaum or Lomonosov, as we continue to call the town since the Soviet Era, is situated on the shore of the Gulf of Finland to the west from Peterhof, in front of the legendary Kronstadt Fortress on Kotlin Island.

Like in Peterhof and Strelna, mayor palaces of Oranienbaum were built on the high shore of the ancient sea and its park has a very picturesque ravine with a river.

Oranienbaum was founded by Alexander Menshikov, the right hand of Peter I, and the first guests would arrive to Oranienbaum by sea.

During your visit to the Oranienbaum we recommend you to see recently renovated Menshikov Palace, exquisite Chinese Palace, amazing Sliding Hill Pavilion or the little Palace of Peter III, and enjoy a walk and lovely fresh air in the marvellous park of Oranienbaum. It is the only royal residence that was not occupied by the Nazi during World War II and it certainly deserves your attention!

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