Day Trip to Vyborg

Vyborg - Old Scandinavian City in the Vicinity of St. Petersburg
Vyborg is the medieval city with rich history, founded by Swedes and populated by various confessions and nationalities, but predominantly Finns until 1940. It is only one hour away from St. Petersburg by fast train. Discover its old cobbled streets and impressive Vyborg Castle with us on a day trip from St. Petersburg!

Vyborg is situated on the archipelago of rocky islands in the sea on the border with Finland and it is famous for its nature. You can appreciate it when walking in beautiful Monrepos Park or taking a boat to see numerous green islands scattered along the Gulf of Vyborg.

Although in some places Vyborg still looks like the war has just been over, it certainly adds certain charm to it and, at last, extensive reconstruction works, funded by the government, have been launched.

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